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Here in the whole worldwide, we have been experiencing a big increase in the number of soldiers infected with HIV/AIDS, especially when they return from peace keeping missions abroad.

Due to this serious situation we (WATMA) receieved an invitation from the so many Commandants in the Army barracks in Africa and West Africa known as Kalewa Barracks to hold several HIV/AIDS workshops for the soldiers.

As you can see from the photos in this particular workshop we had 102 soldiers in attendance. The Commandant was very impressed with the contents of our HIV/AIDS lectures and Traditional medicines (Living AIDS free)

It is our hope that one day we can mobilise a good number of soldiers for a special conference and have some of these soldiers trained to become lecturers in HIV/AIDS (Living AIDS free) so that this message can reach out to many soldiers.

There is a lot of work that  needs to be done to help these soldiers espec ially the peace keepers because they are a part of  our society if they are not educated on the importance of Living AIDS free then not only their lives will be at stakce but other people in countries where they go for their pece keeping missions, that is why this not only a national problem but  also international problem where it needs all people of goodwill to come together and work together  to fight this scourge.
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    • First section look at the effects of HIV/AIDS on the family
    • Second section, the impact of HIV/AIDS on Education
    • Third section, the impact of HIV/AIDS on Development and Poverty
    • Fourth section, the role of Parent and Guardians in educating their sons and daughters on the evils of HIV/AIDS Last section looks at the role of the Churches on education concerning HIV/AIDS.

So far, a large number of  people in the province have tested HIV positive, having full-blown AIDS. Most of the infected live in so many villages in Africa.

The large-scale outbreak of HIV/AIDS cases in South Africa was caused by some farmers from Villages and other poor areas in the province being infected before 1995 while selling blood illegally.

The province has since adopted many measures to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Illegal blood stations were closed; possible channels for cross infection blocked; and effective steps taken to stop pre-natal infection.