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Help save a child's life in an AIDS-affected community / And Male adult Penis Health Herbal Medicine


We are pleased to partner with World Vision, a reputable and renown humanitarian faith-based organization, in the fight to eliminate the worst forms of child labour and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS."


More than 15 million children around the world have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Each one of these children has a name. Each one needs hope.
You can make a difference right now in the life of an orphan or vulnerable child affected by HIV/AIDS. Become a Hopeful Child sponsor through World Vision.

The Hope Initiative is an unprecedented campaign to address the needs of children, families, and communities that have been devastated by the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.
World Vision has helped bring Americans together to care for the millions of orphans, widows, and other vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Through the Hope Initiative, World Vision is helping to turn the tide against HIV/AIDS around the world. Orphans and vulnerable children often do not have enough food to eat, have no access to proper medical care, cannot attend school, and face abuse and neglect. In many cases, they must care for sick and dying parents as well as younger siblings.

If you or someone you care about is living with HIV, you need to know what HIV drug resistance is, how it's measured and how it affects treatment. This site offers a comprehensive overview of Traditional medicine for HIV/AIDS  resistance, as well as resources for working with healthcare providers and insurance carriers to obtain resistance tests and maximize the benefits of HIV treatment .


Deciding whether an HIV drug resistance test is right for you can be a challenge, as can choosing the right test for your stage of treatment. You and your healthcare provider should work together to decide if a test would be appropriate for you. However, the following self-assessment questions can give you a good general idea of whether a resistance test would be helpful in planning your HIV treatment.

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Jobelyn is a herbal preparation from the leaves of Sorghum bicolor . This herb, when prepared with a special formula, has been used by natives of South Western Africa through many generations, to treat health disorders of diverse origins. In the hospital –setting, Jobelyn has been used successfully in the management of cardiovascular and other blood related problems (especially cases of severe anemia, as in Sickle cell anemia and Leukemia. ) , Diabetes mell. Type II; Arthritis, Neoplasms, HIV/AIDS etc


Back in Ivory Cost we have helped people with sickle cell and the testimonies have been fabulous. People with HIV: 2 cases of people who actually have been on Jubi now for about a year. It’s remarkable. The lady is gaining weight, she’s very fine. Jubi is a wonderful product.....


Anti-HIV herbal preparation debuts at global military congress
A herbal preparation which increases cellular immunity in People Living With HIV/AIDS, either alone or in combination with antiretroviral drugs, was on display at the 35th International Congress on Military Medicine (ICMM) held in Washington, DC, United States of America recently.....

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Penis Health Herbal Medicine

OGURUSHI is the original herbal medicine from the heritage of African herbal history, cultural and effective use for bringing health to a weak penis....


The Roots of OGURISHI which is refined in laboratory contains a natural herbal formula promoting men's health and stamina enhancement.


The herbs originated from the tap root of the OGURUSHI in AKUOHIA Forest in Eastern and Western Africa, which can be grinded in powdered substance.


Use formula:


It can be taken with a glass cup of half  litre of  wormed water and one full spoon, drink three times a day for two weeks as one course of total treatment .

Avoid if under age 18.  Keep in dry place and away from direct light and heat.


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